Order Process


Please check which Bidfood branches are participating in the home delivery offer and the areas in which they will be operating. Please also take note of the minimum order value requirement per branch. Find out more


Please complete and submit the registration form.
Click Here to Register.

You will receive an email confirming your registration request. You will then be contacted by a Bidfood Sales Consultant to confirm your details, that your property falls within their service area and that there are no other reasons that we may be unable to deliver to you. Please check your building, complex or estate rules in this regard.


You will be issued an account number and receive an auto-generated email from our online orders platform: www.mybidfood.co.za with your unique username and password.


Web: You can access the Bidfood | Home online orders platform at www.bidfood.co.za by clicking on the orange Bidfood | Home button to access the site.  If you experience any difficulty, you can also login to online orders at www.mybidfood.co.za.

App: Download the FREE MyBidfood South Africa app for your mobile device in the App Store or Google Play store.
You will need to have already opened an account and received your MyBidfood username and password to login to the app.


For your convenience, we have created easily accessible order forms by product categories for you to browse and shop. Simply open the order form, add products and adjust the order quantities to the basket as required.

When you are done shopping, go to the basket and review your order. You can add more products from the order form, edit quantities required and remove items. Please check that your total order value has exceeded the minimum order value required by your branch, including VAT and then proceed to check out.

It is important to note the following at checkout:

  • MyBidfood supports real-time stock levels. You will be notified immediately at checkout if we have insufficient stock. If so, please remove the item from the basket and select a suitable alternative of your choice.
  • Some meat and cheese products are Random Weight Products and are ordered per KG – This will be indicated by RW next to the description and product code and the Unit of Measure will be a KG. Please note although these products are sold at a price per kg, they are delivered as a case, as we do not break cases. The minimum weight per KG on each product will be indicated in the SIZE description. When ordering a random weight product, enter the amount of KG’s that you want, bearing in mind that it will be rounded to the nearest case – e.g. If one case is +/- 9kgs and you would like 2 cases – take the average weight and multiply it by the amount of cases that you would like. You would insert 18KG’s to order 2 cases. Your order confirmation from the platform will reflect as the unit price per kg, however your final invoice will differ as it will be calculated at the exact weight of the case. A Sales Consultant will confirm your order in these circumstances for your peace of mind.

Bidfood reserves the right to cancel the order if you are unable to meet the minimum order value required at the branch which you have registered. A consultant will call you to assist before we do so. We also reserve the right to ration certain essential items in order to ensure that we are able to service all customers fairly.


The branch at which you have placed your order will process your order and will contact you via email with the final invoice and amount payable.
All payments are to be done via SnapScan. This is an easy to use, safe and secure online credit card payment facility.

Find more about SnapScan here: https://www.snapscan.co.za/

  • Download the app on an App Store or Google Play store
  • Create your account and load your credit card details
  • Simply use the app to scan the square QR code provided with the final invoice by the Bidfood branch
  • Enter the total invoice amount including VAT
  • Submit payment via the App
  • The Bidfood branch will receive a SnapScan notification of your payment and release your order for delivery


Your order will be delivered per schedules and area routes advised on this website and will be confirmed by the Bidfood Sales Consultant with you directly. Orders will only be dispatched when payment confirmation has been received via SnapScan. Stock will be delivered to your premises as conveniently packed as possible.

We value our staff and our customers and have every intention of ensuring their safety as a priority. Our drivers and assistants are not permitted to enter your household or property under any circumstance. We reserve the right to cancel delivery if these conditions are not met. If you reside in a complex/estate or apartment building, please check with your Body Corporate or Trustees that our delivery trucks will be permitted to enter the premises.


  • All payments for Bidfood Home deliveries are non-contact and conveniently completed via Snap Scan prior to delivery.
  • Bidfood drivers and delivery staff are instructed not to make physical contact with customers when making a delivery and must observe the recommended social distancing of 2m when delivering.
  • Upon delivery, the delivery staff will advise that they have arrived. The delivery staff should stand back from the customers gate so that they can receive their delivery at a safe distance.
  • Delivery packages will be placed on a suitable surface indicated by the customer. Driver and delivery staff to remain at a safe distance – at least 2m – to allow customer to check the delivery.
  • Customer to use their own pen to sign for delivery.
  • Delivery staff must sanitise their hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser (65% alcohol) before and after each delivery.
  • Customers are advised to wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds after receiving a delivery.


  • Our drivers have been instructed to keep a safe distance at all times and we adhere to the highest food safety and hygiene guidelines.
  • Our drivers and assistants are equipped with hand sanitiser on every vehicle, which they are instructed to use both before and after every delivery.
  • Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitised daily.
  • Our vehicle cabs are sanitised daily.
  • Our staff have implemented a no hand shake policy.
  • Our staff are expected to implement the recommended cough etiquette, by way of coughing or sneezing into a flexed elbow or tissue in the event of a spontaneous cough or sneeze, and sanitize immediately thereafter.
  • We are monitoring our staff health daily whilst at work or on sick leave.
  • Our drivers are currently not wearing masks in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organisation as published on their website.
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We will not accept any returns of any items whatsoever once the delivery note has been signed. If the product has been damaged in transit, you will be credited for the damaged item and we will re-deliver the product.

Disclaimer: As this is an ever changing situation, Bidfood (Pty) Ltd  and all of its operating branches and brands reserve the right to amend this service offering and safety procedures as required. Please follow us on Facebook (Bidfood South Africa) to keep up-todate with our communications in this regard. View our Promotions Disclaimer here…

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